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What Is Luminosity | Summary

What is Luminosity? Luminosity is a web based brain exercise platform with diverting brain training games that provide a quick brain workout. Luminosity's brain games target a variety of brain areas such as memory, processing speed, and concentration. The Luminosity workout routine gives about fifteen minutes of daily brain exercise.

What Is Luminosity | Industry Perspective

Brain training analyst SharpBrains in its Brain Fitness Market Report, commented that just half of Luminosity customers felt that Luminosity gave them the benefits they wanted.

Scientific research into brain training protocols indicates that while Luminosity's wide-ranging and fun brain games can be enjoyable and may result in task-specific improvements, they do not translate into overall cognitive improvement.

MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro has garnered considerable attention for its more intensive brain training. Brain Fitness Pro increases IQ and overall cognitive ability. Using brain exercise scientifically proven to transfer to overall intelligence, MindSparke guarantees cognitive gains with its brain training innovations such as the incorporation of meditation into the brain training process. The chart below compares Luminosity with Brain Fitness Pro.

What Is Luminosity | Brain Training Comparison

Feature MindSparke Luminosity
Reg. Version Special Edition Impulse Control
Personality-Based Brain Training luminosity review check luminosity reviews check luminosity reviews check2 luminosity review cross2
Exercises Targeting Fluid IQ luminosity review check
luminosity reviews check
luminosity reviews check
luminosity review check2
Personal brain training coaching luminosity reviews check3 luminosity reviews check4 luminosity reviews check4b luminosity review cross
Uses meditation to multiply gains luminosity reviews cross luminosity review check5 luminosity review check5b luminosity review cross2
Includes brain entrainment luminosity reviews cross luminosity review check10 luminosity review check10b luminosity review cross2
Brain training online AND brain training on PC luminosity reviews cross2 luminosity review check6 luminosity review check6b luminosity review cross3
Proven by independent scientific research luminosity reviews check6 luminosity review check7 luminosity review check7b luminosity review check8
Brain Training Fees $19.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $14.95 /mo


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What is Luminosity | Feedback

Lumosity Feedback | Brain Training Report – Ben – Stage 4, Session 4

Stage: 4 Session number: 4 Average n-back: 3-4 So i was training with lumosity for 75 sessions ++ was looking for something new challenging , same with their working memory games , didn’t do as much of a progress as in the start anymore . Anyways then i found this site, and stage 4 is [...]

Lumosity Feedback | Brain Training Report – Micha – Session 2

Before MindSparke’s n-back training I twice reached level 12 (6900points) on Lumosity’s Memory Matrix (playing 10 days ); After two sessions with MindSparke’s n-back (level 3 with 65% of accuracy) I reached level 14 (14000 points) — impossible for me before n-back training.

So, this simple test shows that even 2 days with n-back training can give you great results.

Lumosity Feedback | Working-Memory Training Report – Mattias – Session 19

Session number: 1:19 Average n-back: 4.55 Duration (min.): 60 CONCLUSION Ended my first experience with this excellent program today. My score was a little down 4.55. My best n under this almost 4 weeks was 5.45. I saw n 7 one time and the best result on a block was 1 miss /visual/ at n [...]

Lumosity Feedback | Working-Memory Training Report – Mattias – Session 7

Have just started my Brain Fitness Pro experiment. You have to excuse my spelling and grammar, English is not my first language. Earlier brain training was Lumosity, Mind Medley and Brain Builder.

Lumosity Feedback | Sharp Brains Brain Fitness Market Report – 2009

These are the stats for the question, “I got real value for money”
Lumosity.com – 65% Agree; Puzzle Books – 60% Agree; Posit Science – 52% Agree; Nintendo – 51% Agree

And for “I have seen the results I wanted”
Posit Science – 53% Agree; Lumosity.com – 51% Agree; Puzzle Books – 39% Agree; Nintendo – 38% Agree