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dual n back ann "I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I took MindSparke's training, took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Ann, Harvard MD

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"This is incredible."
"I have done the first 13 tests. I used to lose at computer chess on level 4. I am now beating level 6. I also feel things improving at work. This is incredible."
- Clay, Texas, Trial Lawyer

"I was pretty astounded by the results..."
"For the past year I had been studying to retake my MCAT's. I used [Brain Fitness Pro] for 6 months, while I studied the exam material. My score jumped from a 27 to a 34. I was pretty astounded by the results. I definitely have to attribute some of the success to your program."
- Anson, Colorado

"Your product is great."
"I am not as smart as some of the people on the blog, but what matters is that I am constantly improving with the occasional step back. I started at 2.00 and I am now at 2.95 after 25 sessions. I constantly score perfectly at the level 2, and I now feel that level 3 is about to cave in.
It is true that there is a noticeable improvement after the first 20 sessions, but it is important to continue. Some people have faster brains that others, and also, at 58 you need brain stimulation like this to make sure your grey matter does not turn into mush."
- Robert, Maryland

"[My] full scale IQ has been verified as 151 [21 points above the level for Mensa qualification]."
"I'm so glad that I've been training with the Dual N-back task. I received the results of my IQ test from my psychologist the other day. According to the WAIS-III test I completed; my full scale IQ has been verified as 151. Prior to the two months of training, Mensa admissions had rejected me based on their admission test. I recommend the training as an excellent tool for anyone interested in personal growth and realizing their potential."
- Lloyd, Florida

"Since starting the Brain Fitness Pro program, I have been going through a personal renaissance..."
"My increased ability to correlate short term memory facts, events, and ideas has resulted in awareness of possibilities that I would never have noted before - it is a different quality of consciousness, more synthetic. I am more alert, more conscious - myself, only enhanced.
"I was frustrated and felt inadequate - at first. Be patient - within 5 sessions my status fluctuated consistently between 2 and 3 n-back and by the 10th, I am at 3, solidly (triumphantly!)
"An unforseen consequence of the improvements is an increased self-confidence arising from the realization that I am more in control information - better able to both interpolate and extrapolate. This affects my business, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. The latter most extraordinarily of all, giving me a meta-awareness of myself in situ that lets me step back and choose responses deliberately, rather than reactionarily. The ramifications of this are only beginning to be revealed."
- Brett, New Jersey, Engineer

"...it's changed my life"
"I've been using [Brain Fitness Pro] now for almost a year and have noticed some wonderful changes in my abilities... [I've had] success in learning how to play the drums; this was impossible a year ago. Again, thank you for such a wonderful program, it's changed my life!
- John, San Diego

"He was amazed at his improvement in both visual and auditory memory in just these two sessions..."
"I don't usually do testimonials, but in this case I'll make an exception. I bought your Brain Fitness Pro as a gift for my husband. He is a doctor and is always interested in things related to increasing IQ and memory. He used the program as directed for 19 days, then took a few days off and used it another 19 days. He was amazed at his improvement in both visual and auditory memory in just these two sessions. I asked him what most impressed him about the system and he highlighted two things in particular. First, not only did his scores improve rapidly, but even after taking several weeks off he can pick up just where he left off when he plays the "game" again. In other words, the results seem permanent. Second, and most unexpectedly, is the improvement he noted in learning to play the guitar. Almost immediately, his hand-eye coordination soared and again the results seem permanent. My husband highly recommends your product, but cautions that one must put forth great efforts and concentration to really achieve the most from the program. He will not allow himself to be disturbed while practicing the Brain Fitness Pro program."
- Melissa, Mississippi

"I think your product is better than all others I've tried..."
"The biggest difference I've noticed academically is in math class. I think it helped so much because the program makes you think of two things simultaniously to complete one demanding task (audio/visual stimuli). In math, you have to focus on both the big picture and small details, and by doing this program daily, you get better at understanding how to perform tasks that involve both right and left brain thinking. It's really helped."
- John, Arizona

"With MindSparke I quickly noticed I was thinking a whole lot better."
"I've tried other products, but with MindSparke I quickly noticed I was thinking a whole lot better. I was better able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted."
- Mike, Illinois

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Brain Training Report – Zach

Stage: 3 Session number: 18 Average n-back: 9.35 I’m starting to think I’m not doing this right… I’ve had a lot of mind chatter doing this training since I picked up the course–now doing it consistently again after taking about a month off from mid-May to mid-June. About Session 17 the thoughts became so distracting [...]

Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 18

Stage: 3 Session number: 18 Average n-back: 4.5 I’ve got enough sessions logged now that I’ve noticed a trend. My biggest gains seem to come after a period of several days loss. I don’t think this is just b/c of the decline making it easier to have larger leaps. It feels like there is some [...]

Brain Training Report – Ezhil – Stage 3, Session 2

Stage: 3 Session number: 2 Average n-back: 2.55 Second day today on stage 3. Performance was pretty fluid at N-2, but N-3 is quite a struggle with remembering the sequences. Scores have marginally improved from day 1 to day 2 though, so hopefully there would be more gains in the next few days. MindSparke Brain [...]

Brain Training Report – Josh – Stage 3, Session 17

Stage: 3 Session number: 17 Average n-back: 4.65 Over the last few days I’ve applied a technique that I use in music to play music faster technically. I warm-up by alternating every day between Double Ahead and Double Switchback. While in one of the two stages I start at N-2, then N-4, then N-3, then [...]

Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 15

Stage: 3 Session number: 15 Average n-back: 4.4 No improvement in score today even with 20 min of exercise before followed by the 8 min meditation recording. I don’t really feel like I hit the ceiling though. One thing I noticed that I think was starting to help: I count sequences each time equal to [...]

Brain Training Report – Shariff – Stage 3, Session 1

Stage: 3 Session number: 1 Average n-back: 2 Definitely very difficult. I have a hard time doing the n=3. MindSparke Working Memory Training This post was submitted by Shariff.

Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 14

Stage: 3 Session number: 14 Average n-back: 4.5 Took the weekend off. Came in this morning and stopped a 2 session micro-slide posting a new top score. N=3 went from challenging to easy. N=4 went from really hard to pretty easy. N=5 has gone from impossible to less impossible. Occasionally I get to stay at [...]

Brain Training Report – Shariff – Stage 2, Session 5

Stage: 2 Session number: 5 Average n-back: 5 I am really feeling my brain pulsing and feeling so drained! I never knew it could give me a slight headache. I am trying to get as many right in n=5. MindSparke Brain Training Software This post was submitted by Shariff.

Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 11

Stage: 3 Session number: 11 Average n-back: 4.4 I Squeaked up to a 4.4 on my 44th birthday! It’s weird the way the auditory memory is more sticky than the visual. It seems like the process of updating my visual sequence each time is less reliable and I tend to forget what comes next after [...]

DAY 2 with a cold

Stage: 3 Session number: 2 Average n-back: 2.5 Groggily schlepped through this one though I’m pleased to say I scored an average n-back of 2.5, up from yesterdays 2.3 MindSparke Brain Fitness Software This post was submitted by Sham.

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