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mindsparke signup    Brain Fitness Pro dramatically increases cognitive ability, sharpens memory and boosts mental stamina long term. Further training multiplies the benefits. Start today; two weeks free.
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Brain Fitness Pro SE (Special Edition)

mindsparke subscription    Brain Fitness Pro SE couples working memory training with meditation, brain entrainment, daily brain insights and unlimited support toward your brain training goals. Start today and get two weeks free.
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Impulse Control IC (Impulse Control)

brain fitness pro    In addition to the cognitive benefits of Brain Fitness Pro, Brain Fitness Pro IC increases your willpower and helps empower you to achieve your goals to improve your health and well being. Start today and get two weeks free.
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MindSparke Product Comparison

Feature Brain Fitness Pro
Reg. Version Special Edition Impulse Control
Personality-Based Brain Training mindsparke product check mindsparke products check mindsparke products check2
Working Memory Exercises mindsparke product check mindsparke products check mindsparke products check
Personal brain training coaching mindsparke products check3 mindsparke products check4 mindsparke products check4b
Uses meditation to multiply gains mindsparke products cross mindsparke product check5 mindsparke product check5b
Includes brain entrainment mindsparke products cross mindsparke product check10
For Sharpness
mindsparke product check10b
For Impulse Control
Brain training online AND brain training on PC mindsparke products cross2 mindsparke product check6 mindsparke product check6b
Proven by independent scientific research mindsparke products check6 mindsparke product check7 mindsparke product check7b
Monthly Subscription $19.95 $24.95 $24.95
Annual Subscription $159.50 $199.50 $199.50
Family Plan 50% discount after first subscription


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AARP Brain Games

mindsparke AARP magazine MindSparke tops the AARP shortlist
  - Kayt Sukel Brain Games

USA Today

mindsparke USA Today MindSparke "...works to increase memory and the ability to multitask."
  - Rachel Roubien Brain training craze

New York Times

mindsparke NY Times Brain Fit Pro is "...like boot camp for the brain"
  - Bob Tedeschi's Top Picks
Brain Fitness Pro Reviews
mindsparke PC Mag  "Top Ten Tech Gifts"
  - PC Mag online

"How I Improved My Productivity, Strengthened My Working Memory And Increased My IQ Score By 12 Points In 19 Days" - Erin Matlock's Review BrainTraining101

"It's intense, focused, and very challenging, and the benefits appear to be pretty remarkable" - Tori Deaux - MindTweaks

"The program which is making the biggest difference in my 60 year old noggin is Mind Sparke by Martin Walker... This one is a gem." - Mike Logan of Ask Mike The Counselor