IQ Training | Get Smarter with MindSparke

IQ Training | Get Smarter with MindSparke

IQ Training | Research Tested, Real World Results

"[My] full scale IQ has been verified as 151, an intelligence increase of at least 21 points." - Lloyd's IQ training results

IQ Training | Working Memory Training

IQ training: Susanne Jaeggi Martin Buschkuehl Perrig PNAS April 2008 Bern Michigan increase intelligence and brain power by training working memory
Overall intelligence is made up of crystallized intelligence, our knowledge of facts, and fluid intelligence, our capacity for abstract reasoning. MindSparke's IQ training improves fluid intelligence by initiating the growth of new neurons in the dentate gyrus, leading to improvements in short term memory, focus, and executive processing.

MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro employs the one IQ training protocol proven by independent scientific studies to increase fluid intelligence. Brain Fitness Pro improves scores on all standardized tests and exams including IQ tests.

IQ Training | The Research

Scientists from the University of Michigan and the University of Bern discovered in 2008 that intensive working memory training would increase intelligence. The researchers published a study1 demonstrating that IQ training with the "progressive dual n-back" working memory exercise could significantly increase IQ. The study demonstrated a fluid IQ increase for all participants of more than 40% in comparison to a control group who did not train. (The researchers calculated the fluid IQ increase using questions from a widely used IQ test2.) IQ training - working memory fluid intelligence

IQ Training | Long Term Benefits

The team followed this up with a long term study showing that the IQ training benefits continued even after the participants had stopped training. The training also made the subjects more focused and less inclined to be distracted. A team from the Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Umea University, Sweden, published similar research showing IQ increases lasting for at least eighteen months.

"These new studies demonstrate that the more training people have on the dual n-back task, the greater the improvement in fluid intelligence," said Dr. Jonides, lead researcher on the study. "It's actually a dose-response effect. And we also demonstrate that the much simpler single n-back training using spatial cues has the same positive effect."

IQ Training | The Science

With landmark researchin 1998, Dr. Fred Gage demonstrated that the adult brain grows new brain cells throughout life. IQ training with progressive working memory training promotes new neural growth in the area of the brain dedicated to focus, memory, and executive processing; functions critical to fluid intelligence, short term memory, and academic ability

IQ Training | The Three Conditions for Targeted Brain Change

IQ training that promotes new neural growth calls for three key ingredients: Attention, Challenge, and Reward.

Attention When we give our attention to a particular task or problem, the nucleus basalis secretes a substance called acetylcholine, stimulating the hippocampus to encode and store the information being processed. The more we pay attention, the more we remember.
Challenge   When we challende the brain we encourage it to divert resources to the brain areas in use.
Reward Succeeding at a challenging task gives pleasure, stimulating the release of dopamine (the "happy" chemical). Acetylcholine and Dopamine together stimulate new neural growth (neurogenesis) and brain plasticity.

IQ training increases our ability to pay close attention and increases our short term memory in turn reducing the demands placed on the brain's processing power, essentially making us better able to tackle complex problems. MindSparke has continued the early research into IQ training with extensive, real world studies into how to increase IQ even further. MindSparke has evolved and extended the classic dual n-back working memory exercise permitting trainees to increase intelligence well beyond the increases shown in the laboratory.

MindSparke's training yields permanent improvements in analytical ability. These improvements continue into everyday life, benefitting academic work and career.

IQ Training | Brain Training Recommendations

Quick boost: Four weeks of training followed by a week without training (to consolidate the IQ increase) will improve your IQ score.
Long term: Regular long term training will produce further intelligence increases, improved test scores, and academic gains.

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1 "Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig PNAS 10.1073/ pnas.0801268105.
2 IQ Increase measured using the standard Bochumer Matrizen IQ Test: BOMAT-Advanced-Short Version

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Research Tested, Real World Results
increase iq ann "I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I took MindSparke's IQ training course, took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Ann, Harvard MD

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