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Increase IQ | Which Intelligence Test to Choose

At Mind Sparke we believe that our intelligence is not fixed and finite. We can improve memory and focus, and increase IQ with appropriate brain training. Many of our customers have reported a marked IQ increase - in some cases more than 20 points, not by becoming better IQ test takers, but by becoming more intelligent. (Interested in an IQ increase? Learn more...)

Conceived of by Alfred Binet as a way to identify children who would benefit from special education (France, 1904), IQ tests have been used variously and in some cases notoriously for assisting the army in selecting officer and special assignment candidates, assisting in deporting "mentally defective" immigrants in the early twentieth century, establishing measurable criteria for school entrance, diagnosing learning disabilities, and selecting preferred applicants for executive jobs. IQ tests have also been used recreationally by members of the general public to provide insight into one's cognitive abilities.

The IQ Test you choose should depend upon your goal.

Increase IQ | IQ Testing for Fun And Recreation

Free IQ tests abound on the Internet. If you're curious to know what IQ testing is all about and get a sense of approximately where you fall on the IQ test spectrum you might try one of these. But take care! the IQ test score spectrum varies from IQ test to IQ test, and you cannot necessarily rely on their accuracy.

For instance, here's a comparison of IQ test scores that would put you in the top 2% for several iQ tests (from the British mensa website):
  • Cattell III B IQ Test - 148
  • Culture Fair IQ Test - 132
  • Ravens Advanced Matrices IQ Test - 135
  • Ravens Standard Matrices IQ Test - 131
  • Wechsler IQ Test Scales - 132

We've compiled links to a few on-line IQ tests that seem to have a solid reputation:

The "Tickle" Classic IQ Test
The "Tickle" Super IQ Test
IQ Test Labs - Intelligence Test
"Raven" IQ Test - Visual Only (so this won't record a reliable score if you're more of a verbal or mathematical thinker), Instructions in Spanish
Mensa IQ Test - IQ Workout

Increase IQ | IQ Testing for Serious Self-Measurement

If you want to know your IQ test score with a reasonable degree of assurance, take an official, certified IQ test. If you can trust yourself to stay within the time constraints of the IQ test, and if you won't need to use the IQ test results for official purposes, you can take a self-administered IQ test.

If you suspect you may be smart, I'd recommend the Mensa IQ tests. They're designed to accurately test the upper range of the spectrum (and they're administered by smart people). The Mensa International website has this to say about its testing options:

"If you've never taken an IQ test, or don't want to bother with getting official copies of your IQ test scores, then Mensa can test you. You will be put in contact with the local testing coordinator who will tell you about specific testing dates and places.

In some countries, a pre-test is available which you can take in the privacy of your home. To find out whether such an IQ test is available in your country, please see National Groups. When you've finished the pre-test, send it back to the address instructed. It will be scored, and you will be notified of the results. If your score is high enough, you'll be invited to take a qualifying supervised test. The pre-test is just for practice; you can't use it to qualify for Mensa even if you score at or above the 98th percentile. Taking a pre-test is not required for admission, however, many people take it simply for the challenge.

Feel free to contact Mensa for more information or to arrange testing. More specific information is also available about testing costs for any of the National Groups.

If you want to take a practice, on-line IQ test, the Mensa Workout is an intelligence quiz in which you have half an hour to answer 30 questions. When you submit your answers, your IQ test is instantly scored, and you can see how your score measures up. The answers to the questions are provided along with discussion of the answers. The Workout is not an IQ test, and can't be used for qualification to join Mensa."

IQ Increase | IQ Test Facets

Comprehensive IQ tests measure many aspects of mental processing; however these all require considerable working memory. Some psychologists believe that IQ is working memory or gives an equally valid measure of intellectual ability. To increase IQ then you can improve working memory.

Increase IQ | Brain Training Program

Susanne Jaeggi Martin Buschkuehl Perrig PNAS April 2008 Bern Michigan increase intelligence and brain power by training working memory
Brain Fitness Pro uses the only intelligence training method proven by independent research to increase IQ. Brain training with Brain Fitness Pro will increase IQ scores on any intelligence test and any standardized test or exam for college entry, grad school admission, civil service, armed forces, or professional qualification, such as the SAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT, OQTs, acturial, CPA, and bar exams.

IQ Increase | Research

In 2008, a study by a team from the Universities of Michigan and Bern1 reported that an intensive period of brain training with the "dual n-back" working memory exercise could significantly increase intelligence. The study demonstrated a fluid IQ increase for all participants of more than 40% in comparison to a control group who did not train. (The researchers calculated the fluid intelligence increase from the number of correct answers given to a standard set of IQ test questions2.) working memory working memory fluid intelligence

IQ Increase | Science

MindSparke's brain training strengthens attentive focus and working memory reducing the overlapping demands placed on the brain's processing power to increase IQ. MindSparke has evolved and extended the classic dual n-back IQ training protocol, enabling you to increase your IQ even further.

Brain training to increase IQ beats out regular test prep approaches in that the gains reflect an organic IQ increase as a result of gains in raw problem-solving ability; the IQ increase is permanent. You'll take the IQ increase with you into your daily life and any new course of study, position, or vocation.

Increase IQ | Reports and Blog

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Increase IQ Scientists Get Smarter, Share To Learn About IQ

How many scientists does it take to correlate brain power with genetics? Answer: Lots. In the previously stalled scientific inquiry into the relationship between brain functions and genetics the biggest problem had been sample size. But in a highly atypical instance of scientific group-Darwinism over 200 researchers decided to put aside ego and pool research [...]

Increase IQ iq test

Stage: 1 Session number: 2 Average n-back: 4.6 I did a pretest at http://www.gigiassessment.com/ scored 117. MindSparke Brain Training Software This post was submitted by Michelle Salois.

Increase IQ Brain Training Report – Witek – Stage 3, Session 96

Stage: 3 Session number: 96 Average n-back: 6.95 One word: MENSA. Just opened the envelope and still can’t believe it… MindSparke Brain Training Software This post was submitted by Witek.

Increase IQ Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 9

Stage: 4 Session: 9 Average N: 4.8 Focus always needed and its something I lose track off. MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

Increase IQ Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 8

Stage: 4 Session: 8 Average N: 4.8 The simple fact here is to just do it in one go and getting overwhelm is the only way of making progress. MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

1 Increase IQ: "Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig PNAS 10.1073/ pnas.0801268105.
2 IQ Increase measured using the standard Bochumer Matrizen IQ Test: BOMAT-Advanced-Short Version

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