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"Like boot camp for the brain," Bob Tedeschi

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Selected as a Top Ten gift pick by PC Mag, Brain Fitness Pro delivers the most sophisticated and effective brain training available. This no nonsense, challenging, and addictive brain exercise increases short term memory, focus, and problem-solving ability by more than 40% in less than 20 days with just thirty minutes of daily training.

Brain Fitness Pro stimulates the growth of new brain cells, strengthening working memory, problem-solving ability, and concentration. Improving these core brain functions benefits every area of mental activity.

Brain Fitness Pro uses the "dual n-back" brain training protocol proven by independent research* to increase problem solving ability. This training method tests and stretches both aural and visual memory at the same time, progressively strengthening focus and working memory.

"This is incredible." "I have done the first 13 tests. I used to lose at computer chess on level 4. I am now beating level 6. I also feel things improving at work. This is incredible." - Clay, Texas, Trial Lawyer

"[My] full scale IQ has been verified as 151 [21 points above the level for Mensa qualification]. Prior to the two months of training, Mensa admissions had rejected me based on their admission test... I recommend the training as an excellent tool for anyone interested in personal growth and realizing their potential." - Lloyd, Florida

* "Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig PNAS 10.1073/ pnas.0801268105.

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Scientifically proven by NYCFinancier
Caveat emptor is especially true in the pop-culture "brain fitness" software market. Most brain fitness programs have no scientific backing and are little more than trivia. Mind Sparke has solid science supporting it based on the brain's neuroplasticity. I own the pc version and am thrilled an app was created. This is a phenomenal value.

Excellent by Hubbah
I've tried all three n-back apps in the app store. This is the most faithful to the test described in the original Jaeggi et al. study. Has nice performance history charting as well.

Brain Bootcamp by Financial DNA
Dual n-back training isn't for the faint of heart. You'll come up against a strong desire to quit within the first few days, but once you get over this hump, it's so worth it. This kind of training has been proven to enhance your fluid intelligence.

I liken it to boot camp for the brain. It can feel uncomfortable because it's designed to stretch your mind. You are supposed to do a daily regimen of 20 brief sessions for 19 days as the foundation. Thereafter, you can do it a few times a week to maintain your results or practice to your heart's content.

This is the type of deceptively simple exercise that can produce wonderful results. It teaches you to focus intensely and juggle a few things in your head simultaneously. My mind seems sharper, quicker, and maybe even a bit smarter because of it.

It is my most treasured app on the iPhone. Highly recommended!
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