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"I was better able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted." - Mike, Counselor
"I'm impressed with this software. I have Inattentive ADD and I'm happy with the gains I've made in a short space of time. The program is helping me to pay sustained attention." - 'Scatterbrain'
Increase concentration with Brain Fitness Pro; working memory training is the ideal way to increase concentration without drugs or medication.
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working memory training with Brain Fitness Pro can even be used to treat ADD and ADHD. In 2005, a team from the University of Toronto examined twenty-six prior studies to find out whether attention span deficits correlated to Working Memory impairment (JAACAP April 2005), hoping to yield new approaches to increase concentration and attention span without medication and without drugs. The team found that poor focus and working memory problems went hand in hand.

Increase Concentration | Working Memory Exercises

Carefully designed interventions, such as intensive working memory training can enhance the growth of new brain cells. In 2008, researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Bern set out to understand whether it was possible to increase concentration and fluid intelligence using brain training with a challenging working memory exercise. The team published joint, independent research1 showing that an intensive period of brain training with the "dual n-back" working memory exercise did indeed increase concentration and attention span significantly in just one month. increase concentration working memory and fluid intelligence

Given the evidence for working memory training as a highly effective method by which to increase concentration and attention span MindSparke focuses on working memory training exclusively in its brain exercises. If you have difficulty concentrating or paying sustained attention you will benefit greatly from training with Brain Fitness Pro. By testing and strengthening your working memory Brain Fitness Pro develops the core brain functions involved in attentive thinking, thereby increasing concentration and attention span quickly and effectively.

Increase Concentration | Brain Training Recommendations

Quick boost: To increase concentration and attention span, just four to eight weeks of working memory training with Brain Fitness Pro produces profound gains in focus and productivity.
Long term: Continued regular working memory training to increase concentration and attention span will produce further gains and keep your brain operating optimally.

Increase Concentration | References

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Research Tested, Real World Results
nanz increase concentration "I am thrilled that I was introduced to Brain Fitness Pro!  ...I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel more self-assured." - Nanz
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Increase Concentration | Attention Span
"When I completed n=3, I was amazed!"
"I can't believe how rapidly I'm seeing results."
"This program seems to increase alertness and decrease depression... I am amazed."

White Noise And Concentration

Yesterday I posted about Sverker Sikstrom and his new ideas on working memory storage. Professor Sikstrom also studies the effects of noise on concentration and learning. Interestingly, he has found that for some people a moderate amount of white noise can help them focus. And this is not just an abstract point of interest. Professor [...]

Brain Training Report – Steve – Stage 3, Session 11

My training is going well. I definitely see improvements in my score and in my life! Simple things like: after years of not remembering my bank account number, it simply came to me with certainty when i needed it.

Brain Training Report – Ray – Session 19

As a base line I took the GIQtest online at the start and again at a week after finishing the course. I had a gain of 10 points. I actually did better in areas I did not think the training would affect. Maybe it is concentration improvement. Subjectively I have seen improvements in various activities. Filling out forms and remembering things like my passport number without looking back several times. My German lessons seem to go better. I retain the words better.

Working-Memory Training Report – Min – Session 45

I began training to help with difficulties I was having with study. Whilst these are improving in all sorts of ways, which is GREAT, I am very excited about other results which I hadn’t even factored in. My concentration in meditation, and capacity to drop into very deep states and whilst being consciousness has improved enormously.