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Fun Brain Training for Children | Focus Booster
Brain Fitness Pro Jr

Fun Brain Training for Children | Focus Booster | Brain Fitness Pro Jr

Fun Brain Training for Children | Brain Exercises for PC

Brain Fitness Pro Jr's fun brain training exercises act as a focus booster and memory trainer for children from 6 to 11-years old. While Brain Fitness Pro Jr will boost focus and memory for children with working memory or focus deficits, addressing learning disabilities, the training works for all children and will give any child an increase in the core mental abilities that determine academic success, increasing test scores, attention in the classroom, and diligence.

Focus Booster for Learning Disabilities

As a focus booster and memory training tool, Brain Fitness Pro Jr can provide you with the assistance you need to help address your child's learning disability. Our brains can and do change in response to appropriate stimulation. Working memory and attention deficits are among those most commonly diagnosed learning disabilities, and can have a profound impact on your child's ability to learn and succeed in the classroom. Brain Fitness Pro Jr's fun brain training is designed as a comprehensive focus booster and memory trainer, progressively and dramatically increasing working memory capacity and focus in a matter of weeks.

Brain Trainer for General Academic Success

Increasing working memory capacity and focus will improve academic performance for any child. In today's competitive school environment, with colleges becoming increasingly difficult to get into, and increasingly expensive without scholarships, Brain Fitness Pro Jr's fun brain training provides the perfect focus booster and cognitive training tool; an affordable and entertaining adjunct to traditional academic stimulation and test prep.

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Week 5, trying DoubleTrouble

As my son has ADHD, we are following the Brain Fitness Pro Jr recommendation to move up to two training sessions per day starting this week (Week 5). My son is 9, but decided to give Double Trouble a try anyway (the Help file suggests that it is recommended for children ages 10 and up). [...]

Brain Fitness Pro Jr, weeks 3 and 4

After completing one week of Straightahead, and one week of Switchback, my sons scores for weeks 3 and 4 were as follows: Week 3, Switchback: 4.63, 5.75, 4.5, 5.75, 6.00 Week 4, Straightahead: 5.88, 7.13, 7.13, 6.75, 6.5 I’m not sure how to interpret the results. Given that my son scored 6.5 on his third [...]

Brain Fitness Pro Jr, our journey begins

My son started using Brain Fitness Pro Jr last week. He is 9 years old, and has been diagnosed with ADHD, primarily inattentive. His test scores show major deficits in the areas of working memory and executive function, and he struggles with basic skills such as memorizing multiplication tables, spelling, etc., though his verbal scores [...]

More On The Abacus As Fun Brain Training

Back in June I wrote about the revival of the abacus or soroban in Japan. This subject fascinates me in part I think because it reaffirms two appealing philosophies: The integration of mind and body. What we do informs the shape of our mental processes. Likewise what we think informs our physical being. Sometimes progress [...]

Music Training as Brain Training

In a broad review of research data from around the world, scientists Nina Kraus and Bharath Chandrasekaran from Northwestern University have found consistent evidence that musical training has a strong positive impact on the development brain function, in particular language, speech, memory, and attention. Their report “Music training for the development of auditory skills” was published in the [...]

Targeted Brain Exercise Boost For Kids

Berkeley neuroscientist Dr. Silvia Bunge and her team devised two clever programs to determine whether carefully selected training exercises could boost IQ and processing speed. The experiment, which sounds akin to building a kit car out of hardware store purchases, involved underprivileged children with lower than average cognitive scores. The researchers involved them in 20 [...]

New Finding On Dyslexia And Brain Plasticity

In the November 12 issue of the journal Neuron, researchers reveal the first direct evidence of real-time dynamic plasticity in the aural processing areas of the brain; a mechanism for fine tuning aural pattern recognition and noise exclusion. In a noisy environment the auditory system tracks the repeating pitch of a voice, suppressing the background sounds. [...]

BFP Junior – Brain Training for Children

More good news on the product front. I’m very happy to announce the release of BFP Junior — brain training games for children ages 6 through 12. These games train the same core functions as Brain Fitness Pro, but start out much more simply. The program has a number of features to keep the children [...]

Working-Memory Not Processing Speed Determines Fluid Intelligence

As I was researching academic studies related to processing speed (with a view to perhaps including processing speed training in the Brain Fitness program) I discovered this fascinating paper: “A latent variable analysis of working memory capacity, short-term memory capacity, processing speed, and general fluid intelligence” (Andrew R. A. Conway, Nelson Cowan, Michael F. Bunting, David [...]

Doidge – Part 3 – The Science of Brain Training

(This post is adapted from an entry on our sister blog at mindevolvesoftware.com) In Chapter three of his book, Doidge focuses on the remarkable career and contributions to the understanding of brain science of Michael Merzenich , a scientist driven by the desire to solve real world problems (like understanding autism) and not content to [...]

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