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cognitive training bullet 2 11 exercises, unlimited levels of challenge, and a targeted cognitive training profile
cognitive training bullet 1 Cognitive training that automatically adjusts as you progress
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Progressive Cognitive Training

With eleven exercises and unlimited levels of challenge, Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro provides unparalleled cognitive training to improve working memory, attention, and brain power. Regular cognitive training with MindSparke stimulates the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus -- the brain's executive processing center; the benefits to work, study and everyday life begin in less than three weeks and continue to increase as you train.

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Cognitive Training Profile

Brain Fitness Pro manages your progress through four stages of training, advancing you to the next stage or next level of difficulty as you are ready. A full set of statistics and analytical progress charts provide insight into training progress and pointers on how to get even more from the exercises.

Cost-Effective Training, Access Any Time, Anywhere

MindSparke's unlimited, cost-effective web-based training paired with its software for PC or Mac (with the SE or IC option) eliminates expensive training and restricted use. Train your brain whenever you wish, wherever you are.

Cognitive Training | The Science

Neurogenesis, Or How The Brain Changes

In 1998 Dr. Fred Gage and his colleagues demonstrated that the human brain generates new neurons thoughout life. As reported in Nature these findings overturned decades of scientific dogma that the adult brain was fixed and unchanging (except for the gradual and inevitable demise of neurons as we aged). Gage's work has become the cornerstone of a new field of science that is exploring the most effective cognitive training for promoting the growth of new brain cells.
cognitive training for adult neurogenesis

[New neurons] are generated from dividing progenitor cells in the dentate gyrus of adult humans. Our results further indicate that the human hippocampus retains its ability to generate neurons throughout life.
Nature Medicine 4, 1313 - 1317 (1998) doi:10.1038/3305

Advances in cognitive training have shown that intensive working memory training promotes neurogenesis and leads to increased brain power. Brain Fitness Pro stimulates new brain cell growth to increase focus, memory, and intelligence

Cognitive Training | NY Times

" boot camp for the brain"
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Research Tested, Real World Results
brain workout ann "I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I took MindSparke's brain workout , took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Ann, Harvard MD
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"When I completed n=3, I was amazed!"
"I can't believe how rapidly I'm seeing results."
"This program seems to increase alertness and decrease depression... I am amazed."

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 7

Stage: 4 Session: 7 Average N: 4.8 Early part could focus better Latter part not so MindSparke Brain Training Software

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 6

Stage: 4 Session: 6 Average N: 4.9 Difficult to keep shapes in head MindSparke Brain Training Software

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 5

Stage: 4 Session: 5 Average N: 4.9 Lacked concentration forgot a lot MindSparke Working Memory Training