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Cogmed Reviews | Compare Cogmed Features & Cost

Cogmed Reviews | Compare Cogmed Features & Cost

Cogmed Review: Cogmed provides highly regarded brain training exercise. Cogmed incorporates working memory training exercises aimed at improving memory, working memory, and focus. Cogmed reviews indicate that the software is effective but the training costs a considerable amount and does not have the same training intensity as MindSparke's Brain Fitness Pro.

At MindSparke we focus on brain training exercise that works with optimum efficiency. We agree with Cogmed that working memory training is of great importance. However, to ensure maximum training benefit, MindSparke's working memory training exercises always address visual working memory and aural working memory together, and the MindSparke exercises have no upper limit to the level of difficulty. MindSparke delivers truly revolutionary brain training innovations such as the incorporation of meditation into the brain training process. Packed with informative feedback, helpful tips, and novel brain training mechanisms, MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro delivers a carefully sequenced set of brain exercises that dramatically improve core cognitive functions. Compare Cogmed and MindSparke brain training products using our brain fitness program comparison chart and we think you will agree that MindSparke provides a better online brain training option than Cogmed at a significantly lower price.

Cogmed Reviews | Cogmed vs. MindSparke Comparison Chart

Feature MindSparke Cogmed
Reg. Version Special Edition Impulse Control
Personality-Based Brain Training cogmed review check cogmed reviews check cogmed reviews check2 cogmed review cross2
Fluid IQ Increase Cogmed reviews check 1
40% +
Cogmed reviews check 2
40% +
Cogmed reviews check 2b
40% +
Cogmed reviews cross 1
Measure of brain training gains Cogmed reviews check 3 Cogmed reviews check 4 Cogmed reviews check 4b Cogmed reviews cross 2
Personal brain training coaching Cogmed reviews check 5 Cogmed reviews check 6 Cogmed reviews check 6b Cogmed reviews check 7
Uses meditation to multiply gains Cogmed reviews cross 3 Cogmed reviews check 8 Cogmed reviews check 8b Cogmed reviews cross 4
Brain training online AND brain training on PC Cogmed reviews cross 5 Cogmed reviews check 9 Cogmed reviews check 9b Cogmed reviews cross 6
Proven by independent scientific research Cogmed reviews check 10 Cogmed reviews check 11 Cogmed reviews check 11b Cogmed reviews check 12
Brain Training Fees $19.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $1,500 for 6 mos

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USA Today

MindSparke "...works to increase memory and the ability to multitask."
  - Rachel Roubien Brain training craze

New York Times

Brain Fit Pro is "...like boot camp for the brain"
  - Bob Tedeschi's Top Picks

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  "Top Ten Tech Gifts"
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"How I Improved My Productivity, Strengthened My Working Memory And Increased My IQ Score By 12 Points In 19 Days" - Erin Matlock's Review BrainTraining101

"It's intense, focused, and very challenging, and the benefits appear to be pretty remarkable" - Tori Deaux - MindTweaks

"The program which is making the biggest difference in my 60 year old noggin is Mind Sparke by Martin Walker... This one is a gem." - Mike Logan of Ask Mike The Counselor

What is Brain Fitness Pro?
Brain Fitness Pro uses a series of working memory training exercises to increase focus, memory, and problem-solving skills. This intensive working memory training (n-back training) dramatically increases attention and general cognitive skills and these benefits remain long term. Learn more...
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