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The MindSparke Difference

MindSparke CEO, Martin Walker
Martin Walker, MindSparke Founder CEO"We've transformed brain training from a haphazard hobby into a powerful prescription for cognitive gain by giving people the brain fitness exercises and support they need to succeed. We don't limit ourselves to conventional brain training techniques. When we discovered that meditation enhanced brain training we developed a meditation module for Brain Fitness Pro SE. Our brain fitness training philosophy is simple: If it works, it's in."
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At MindSparke we focus only on brain training exercise that works. By thinking outside the box, we're able to deliver truly revolutionary brain training innovations such as the incorporation of meditation into the brain training process. Packed with informative feedback, helpful tips, and novel brain training mechanisms, Brain Fitness Pro delivers a carefully sequenced set of brain exercises that dramatically improve core cognitive functions. Compare brain training products using our brain fitness program comparison chart and we think you will agree that MindSparke's brain fitness programs provide the best brain training at truly affordable rates.

Comparison of Popular Brain Fitness Programs

Feature MindSparke Lumosity Posit Science CogMed Neuro Active
Reg. Version Special Edition Impulse Control
Personality-Based Brain Training
Exercises to Increase Fluid IQ



Gives an absolute measure of cognitive gains
Includes personal training coaching
Uses meditation to multiply gains
Brain training online AND brain training for PC
Includes brain entrainment
For sharpness

For impulse control
Proven by independent scientific research
Fee $19.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $14.95 /mo $395 and up $1,500 for 6 mos $95

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