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Brain Fitness Pro Jr - Features

  • Four games strengthen visual and aural working memory, focus, and attention
  • Automatically adjusts the level of difficulty and training duration to your child's growing ability
  • Enables you to tailor the training speed to your child's preference
  • Selectable game themes tickle the six-year-old and thrill the twelve-year-old (well, like, maybe)
The Exercises
brain fitness pro junior for children
In Straightahead your child will watch and listen as the program displays sequences of increasing complexity. By correctly matching the visual sequences to the auditory sequences she will move up through the levels of difficulty, rewarded along the way by whacky pictures and goofy sound clips.

Switchback takes the concept one step further; now your child must decide whether the second sequence matches the first... in reverse.

DoubleTrouble | DoubleSwitchback
For older children these games provide fiendish fun. Adding a sequence of letters to the equation they stretch your child's working memory in ways that approach Brain Fitness Pro's "dual n-back" challenge.

Have Fun With Your Brain

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