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MindSparke develops highly innovative and effective brain training programs that stand apart from the pack. By focusing always on brain exercises that work, MindSparke ensures that brain training efforts translate to brain fitness gains. Our creative approach to brain training leads to truly revolutionary innovations such as the incorporation of meditation into the training process.

MindSparke's parent - mind evolve, llc - furthers public awareness of the latest findings in neuroscience, brain health, and brain development. By tracking and exploring new research that promises great social value and delivering that value in the form of free on-line brain fitness content and affordable brain training software, we look to bridge the gap between academia and the general public.
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mind evolve founder Martin Walker is an Oxford-trained scientist, author, and technologist. A member of The British Neuroscience Association, Learning and The Brain, and MENSA, Walker has a passion for helping people achieve their brain fitness goals. He has also published a highly-regarded book of original philosophy LIFE! Why We Exist, and writes a regular column for its companion blog, RationalPhilosophy.net.

Brain Training with MindSparke | In The News

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"The program which is making the biggest difference in my 60 year old noggin is Mind Sparke by Martin Walker... This one is a gem." - Mike Logan of Ask Mike The Counselor

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