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AARP Brain Games

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AARP Brain Games | Why Online Brain Training Works

The AARP promotes the concept that brain training programs (AARP brain games and others), combined with good nutrition and frequent physical exercise, help ensure brain fitness throughout life. The AARP brain games review puts MindSparke first in its list of online brain training programs. Properly targeted, brain games improve memory, reasoning, general cognitive ability.

Since Fred Gage's landmark research in late 1990s scientists now understand that our brains constantly grow and change throughout life. The growth of new brain cells adult neurogenesis gives us the opportunity and ability to develop new skills and sharpen old ones. Intensive brain games stimulate neurogenesis leading to better memory, increased concentration and increased mental sharpness.

Selecting Your Brain Training Program

Brain games that train and strengthen working memory (the capacity to hold and manipulate short term information) can benefit everyone. Scientists emphasize working memory training for three reasons:
  • Working memory is used in all thought processes
  • Working memory responds to training
  • Working memory tends to decline as we age
The best rated brain training program for working memory training is MindSparke's Brain Fitness Pro:
aarp brain games bullet MindSparke's working memory training adjusts to your ability dynamically
aarp brain games bullet2 Provides cost-effective on-line brain training with unlimited access
aarp brain games bullet3 Permits download for PC or Mac; guided meditation; and brain entrainment audio (SE version)

AARP Brain Games | MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro delivers a carefully calibrated working memory training program to improve memory, focus, and multi-tasking ability. Fewer than thirty minutes of daily brain training provides dramatic improvements in short term memory, attention, and fluid intelligence, in less than one month.

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AARP Brain Games | News

AARP Magazine

aarp brain games magazine MindSparke tops the AARP brain games roundup
  - Kayt Sukel Brain Games

USA Today

aarp brain games USA Today MindSparke " to increase memory and the ability to multitask."
  - Rachel Roubien Brain training craze

New York Times

aarp brain games NY Times Brain Fit Pro is " boot camp for the brain"
  - Bob Tedeschi's Top Picks

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MindSparke Customer Testimonials
Nanz's Mind Sparke
brain fitness nanz I am thrilled that I was introduced to Brain Fitness Pro!  ...I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel more self-assured.
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MindSparke Blog

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MindSparke v3.1

The Brain Fitness Pro upgrade to version 3.1 adds some exciting new features: Facebook integration: Connect your training account to your Facebook account through the Account panel and you can login with Facebook and share your training progress and blog posts with your Facebook friends. Focus Helper: In the training panel you’ll see the “Focus [...]

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 7

Stage: 4 Session: 7 Average N: 4.8 Early part could focus better Latter part not so MindSparke Brain Training Software

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 6

Stage: 4 Session: 6 Average N: 4.9 Difficult to keep shapes in head MindSparke Brain Training Software